Busying The Brain Into Submission

It's the third day since I made my decision.

In three days, I've learned more about myself than I have in the past three years.


Because I ignored my thoughts. I rejected my inner ramblings as just that—random bullshit nobody else would ever care about.

But the truth is, there's still time.

As the emails from my former business begin to pile, my mind is shedding weight.

(Good. 'cause my body sure doesn't drop it. Might as well let the mind shave a few off somewhere.)

I turned off the ringer on my phone. I silenced the notifications on my computer and tablet.

Now, all I have to do is write.

Write and be a mom.

Write and be a wife.

Write and be still.

It's maddening to a degree.

I've written a list every morning of all the tasks I could or should be doing each day. And I journaled almost everyday for a year.

But I never felt such clarity as I do in this very moment.

I'm still.

Maybe tomorrow won't be the same, but today I feel good. Today the light from the tall windows peeking into my living room shines bright across my black-rimmed glasses.

Classical music spews from the Amazon Echo, and I am still.

Today is the start to a whole new tomorrow. One I've let pass for at least a decade.

One I won't regret. No matter what happens.

Today, I am still.

I am still.

I am.

"Now, all I have to do is write. Write and be a mom. Write and be a wife. Write and be still."—Sara Eatherton-Goff, 'Busying The Brain Into Submission'
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