Decisions: You're Only Human

He didn't sign up for this, but he's still here.

I imagine the tables being turned—what would I do? Would I stay? Would I love him more because I can be the stronger one for once?

No matter what, I don't think I could ever be the one who leaves. He's the only person I want to wake up with and the only one I want to go to sleep beside. It's past the feeling of dependence. I'm beyond that stage in marriage, feeling like the "lesser" partner strictly based on financial contributions. I'm the mom, the wife. That's fucking important.

It's choice now, that's all. I choose him. I always did, my subconscious is just smarter than my conscious mind.

Questioning your decisions is natural. Especially when you're someone who tends to make decisions swiftly, confidently. But confidence is easily snuffed out by arrogance. The person who questions themselves is only being a good human being—admitting an error or an action of arrogance instead of steadfast confidence.

But this one decision was the right one. 

It's so easy to make assumptions about other people, to dissect their lives as an outsider looking in. But I wonder how much of the time and energy spent dissecting another can cloud your own judgments of yourself.

The one good decision is worth evolving for.

Celebrate the good ones and let the bad ones roll.

You're only human.

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