Filtered Through A Child's Mouth

I love how my oldest daughter's friends come to the door to invite her out to play.

It's always, "I went by [so and so]'s house, and then by [other so and so]'s and no one can play. So I came to see if you could play since nobody else can."

I know they're kids. (I know.)

But what would you even say to a kid so desperate for a playmate, yet also insulting your albeit rambunctious child while they're at it?

"No, if my daughter isn't the first pick, you don't deserve her time." *Shut door in child's face*

I'm overcomplicating this, aren't I?

I try to teach my girls to respect themselves enough to know when it's the right time to say no.

But really, when is it the right time?

While being told you're literally the last choice as a playmate? Or is that something you're only supposed to worry about as an adult..?

Damn, this parenting thing has so many twists and turns.

As a kid, I was always happy to be picked—no matter what.

As an adult, if I know I wasn't the first or even second choice, it's like somebody put a razor in the pudding, but they still expect me to eat it.

Is that pride? Ego? Both?

Well, I don't mind being a stubborn ass sometimes. 

It keeps me...young. And...vibrant.

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