Creation & Planning

The Content Strategy Planner
The only tool I use to plan out and develop my blog, email, project content strategies and more. (Even if I didn't make this planner myself, I'd still recommend it to everyone.

[ Check out this paperback planner on Amazon]

Pages for Mac
My absolute favorite word processing tool for creating and designing eBooks and more. (Now available on Windows for iCloud account holders.)

[ Download Pages ] or [ see Apple alternatives here ]

DayOne Journaling App
An all-in-one journaling app I use every day to either brain dump my "Morning Pages" and task list or, well, journaling.

[ DayOne for iPhone and Mac ] or [ more alternatives here ]

Scrivener for Mac (iOS and Windows)
This is one of my favorite writing tools. I use it for emails, blog posts, product copy, books and more.

[ Get Scrivener for Mac here ] or [ Scrivener for Windows here ]

Website & Email

ConvertKit (Email Automation)
This robust email marketing tool is my go-to for email marketing automation recommendations. I've been through MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, [and one other that's completely slipping my mind right now], and CK takes the cake for usability, flexibility, and customer care.

[ Check out ConvertKit here ]

Squarespace (Website Platform)
My “I just want it to be easy, nice looking, and functional” website builder. Squarespace is my top recommendation to create and host your website, domain, and a bunch of other technical things. With their 24/7, prompt and helpful customer service (who don’t abuse canned responses), Squarespace has been my go-to for website and course design, hosting, and more.

[ Check out Squarespace here ]

Recommended Reading

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